Aikido relies on technique not strength, blending with the opponent and using their own momentum against themselves.

Aikido has the ability to offer more than self-defence by offering a holistic approach to life which is referred to as “budo” (ie.: a set of moral values), which is a long term (years) activity, or journey, of physical and cognitive self-improvement.

Some of the benefits of Aikido training are improved:

  • Agility

  • Reflexes

  • Coordination

  • Flexibility

  • Relaxation

  • Targeting, distance & timing

  • Posture

  • Body Movement

Both the study of Aikido & Shinto Muso Ryu requires training in pairs. This can assist with developing a number of positive characterisitcs such as:

  • cooperation & respect of others

  • patience

  • awareness

  • confidence

  • self-discipline

  • tenacity

  • resiliance

The meaning of Aikido

To try and put it together, a very rough translation could be to describe Aikido as a method to blend with your opponents movements and energy. 

There is an abundance of information on the internet about Aikido. Thus, I will not attempt to replicate or plagiarise it. Any information I have provided is either basic or what I deem essential. For example, what is Budo?

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