Regular Classes

What to Expect

Whilst you are welcome to watch, you are encouraged to participate so you can experience Aikido. If you wish to watch first and join in later, that is OK. At this dojo, we aim to have a friendly atmosphere, by being helpful training partners whilst maintaining a focused training environment.

The first thing to cover is that you are entering my dojo and when you do so, it is the same as entering my home with the addition of Japanese etiquette and cultural traditions. 


Why? Simple, Aikido is Japanese and bowing is a part of their etiquette. By following any cultural etiquette we are displaying sensitivity, respect and courtesy. This is done when:

  • entering and leaving the dojo

  • entering and exiting mats

  • showing appreciation

  • as much as possible


Before Class:

  • Hygiene - Apply the antiseptic gel, provided to your feet and hands, before walking on the mat.

  • Keep nails trimmed and maintain good personal hygiene

  • Long Hair - Please tie back long hair

  • Injuries - Please inform Sensei before going on the mats?

  • Mobile Phones - to be turned off unless there is a special need (eg: on call for work). If you must have your phone on, inform Sensei please.

  • Wounds - Ensure any wounds are well covered


During Class:

  • Have Fun !!!

  • Do not talk when Sensei is instructing

  • Please avoid calling out or excessive talking during class

  • Avoid verbal instructions to your partner unless specifically requested to do so by the teacher

  • Do not shout, swear or be angry on the mat

  • Please ask the teacher if you wish to leave the mat during class

  • Please do not lounge or lean - sit in seiza or unza (cross-legged)

  • Please walk around people who are training, not in-between

  • Training is done in “pairs” and are training partners, nor opponents.

  • Please cooperate with your partner – do not resist or compete unless so directed by the teacher

  • Each person takes turn at providing the attack (Uke) and the other at practicing the technique (Nage).

  • As a “pair”, both will work with each other (ie. Collaboration and cooperation), fostering an atmosphere where everyone has an opportunity to learn safely.

  • Care for your partner and anticipate any awkward situations to avoid injuries

  • Do not experiment or deviate from the instructions!!! That is, do only what Sensei has instructed.

  • Genuine attack will provide the opportunity for a genuine self defence technique which will provide a genuine experience

  • Go slowly

  • Expect to be frustrated. Rest-assured, we have all been their.

  • Have fun !!!

After Class:

  • Please participate in cleaning the Dojo after each class (sweeping mats and floors, putting equipment away, clean & tidying of kitchen, etc)

  • Please take all clothing and effects with you on departing.

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