Tanren (to forge)

There have been a number of posts on Tanren within the Yuishinkai community about the meaning/understanding of this concept, or principle. This blog will NOT be doing that but talking about the real life application in our dojo.

Last night we graded a student to 5th Kyu, a year after their 6th Kyu grading. This is an abnormally long time between these two levels. The reason for the extended time frame was due to a number of absences due to injuries and other illnesses. This person displayed persistence, tenacity and determination, despite these obstacles to finally get their 5th Kyu.

In fact, everyone in our dojo has experienced similar obstacles with various amounts of time off. Some of the reasons are the usual injuries and illnesses. Other reasons are, but not limited to, work demands, financial constraints, family commitments and in my case a very protracted healing process from an operation. Those remaining at the end of this year have demonstrated fortitude and continue to apply the principle of Tanren everytime they return and attend another training session.

In doing so, they have contributed to their path, or journey, of Budo.

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