Yuishinkai National Gasshuku - Day 1 (30 Sep)

It was a nice easy pace for the first session.

The first exercise practiced and discussed was centre-line walking. This is not a new concept but there was an addition to exercise. This was the lifting of the leg by bending the knee so the foot touches the other knee. The origins of this are from Houin Ryu (spelling may be incorrect).

Sensei discussed the 3 tandens:

  • Jo den - located at the centre of the head

  • Chu den - located at the heart

  • Gai den - located below the belly-button, or pubis area. It is also the body's centre of gravity.

You must keep these aligned. If they are mis-aligned you will be weakened. So consider this when you are performing techniques.

Sensei then covered 2 Shomenuchi responses:

  1. Irimi Nage

  2. Kotagaeshi

  3. Ikkyo

After that was Yokomenuchi with 2 responses:

  1. Shihonage Omote (step in)

  2. Shihonage Omote (step out)

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