As per Japanese / Samurai tradition, Master Koretoshi Maruyama has given permission for Sensei Warren Shardlow to teach Aikido Yuishinkai curriculum and principals.

Warren's early martial arts exposure was Tae Kwon Do then Hapkido. Warren enjoyed Hapkido and was unable to maintain it due to work and life commitments. When the opportunity arose to resurrect martial arts training, Hapkido was not available where he was living. However, Aikido was available. He quickly realised that Aikido was the martial art he was looking for and has been training and studying it for the last 10 years. The aspects of Aikido that Warren liked were:

  • the use of the opponents momentum against themselves

  • the way the techniques manoeuvred in and around the opponent

  • the sophistication

  • the gracefulness with a skilled practitioner

  • the core principles of blending, harmonising and flowing, instead of bashing and clashing, just made sense

  • it can be done in to your old age

  • it can be a spiritual journey, if you so choose

Sensei is also learning the ancient traditional art of Shinto Muso Ryu (SMR), the art of Jo (wooden staff) and Ken (sword). Sensei is not permitted to teach this but the opportunity to learn this is available after a proven commitment to Bushinkan. 

At the workplace Sensei describes himself as a rusty and grumpy old Registered Nurse. He has 20 years of extensive Emergency, Intensive Care and Primary Remote Care. He no longer does clinical work as he has moved to the dark side of Administration.

Other past-times can be either riding the bike, swimming, scuba diving, 4WDriving and camping. Not all at once. (LOL)

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Ukrainian Hall, 19 Atkinson St, Queanbeyan, NSW | E-mail: 0409 321 213

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